Why Direct Marketing?

When it comes to marketing, there are two routes a company can follow.  1) They use mass or indirect marketing and try to reach as many potential customers at one time or 2) they use direct marketing in order to reach a smaller, more qualified percentage of customers.  While forms of mass marketing like billboards, radio ads, commercials and newspapers may sell products, they do not build lifelong customers. Through our face-to-face retail sales and marketing approach, we contribute a personal aspect that mass marketing cannot and form relationships that create long-term customers rather than impulse buyers.

Why would a multi-billion dollar client choose Steel City Consultants?

A multi-billion dollar client would choose Steel City Consultants because we are an expert in face to face sales and direct marketing. We pride ourselves on our ability to increase our client’s bottom line through our professionally trained sales and marketing team.   By focusing our efforts on a face to face, relationship-based approach, we are able to bring our clients increased name-brand recognition and high levels of customer loyalty. No longer do our clients have to rely on outdated methods like telemarketing and direct mail; we can do it with a smile and a handshake. We offer our clients 100% return on their marketing and sales dollar – a statement few other marketing companies can make.

Why should I choose Steel City Consultants?

A candidate should choose Steel City Consultants because we believe in internal growth and advancement for all team members. We look for individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and are seeking rapid growth with room for personal and professional development. We pride ourselves on the fact that when other companies will overlook a candidate that doesn’t have 3-5 years experience, we are the ones who will provide them with an opportunity to get their feet in the door.  Whether you are looking for your first career outside of college or a career change to sales and marketing field, you will learn invaluable communication, people and team building skills that will help you no matter the industry your career path takes you!

I’ve seen other companies with the Steel City name. Are you affiliated with those companies?

No. Our company, Steel City Consultants, LLC, is an independently owned and operated firm and does not have an affiliation with any other “Steel City” brand. Our client recently had us expand into the Pittburgh area as of April 2018.

I have experience; do I still have to start at entry-level?

Ever heard the phrase, the best coaches are former players? We have, and that is the foundation of our Management Training Program. So the answer is an absolute YES! We believe that strong leaders lead from the front and have been in their team’s shoes before.  There is a certain strength and confidence in a manager that can show their people a willingness to work alongside their team, not just coach from the sidelines.  If this doesn’t convince you then think back to a time when you asked your manager a question and their answer was “I don’t know.” You would never want to be that manager, right? RIGHT!

How soon can I move into management?

Our company is a performance based environment, so the answer to that question is how soon do you feel you can handle a management role? One of the real distinguishing factors about Steel City Consultants is that your success is truly in your hands. Rather than being based off of seniority or tenure, promotions in our company are based off of internal drive, ambition, perseverance and work ethic! We have seen people move into management in less than a year and have seen it take up to three but the median timeframe is 12-18 months. This is a small fraction of the time it takes in most seniority-based companies where growth is restricted. Operating a business built off of performance provides our team with a direct career path based on their results without waiting for the guy in front of them to retire!

The economy is a mess! Are you really hiring?

Yes! As the multi-billion dollar clients and products we represent expand nationally, the demand for more direct marketing and offices increases.  Due to the fact that our company only promotes from within, we are always keeping our eyes open for qualified candidates.  Just like a sports team, we don’t want to miss our next Michael Jordan! So growth, despite the state of the economy, is prevalent in our business.

Do I have to start with face-to-face marketing and sales?

Yes, everyone in our Management Training Program begins by learning the face to face marketing and sales aspect of our business. Our reasoning is very simple, as sales are the basis of all business.  In order to truly understand and succeed in our business, one must have knowledge and personal experience in sales and the capability to generate revenue for our client.  Every single one of our Managers started entry level and are stronger leaders accordingly.