A career at Steel City Consultants, much like our culture, is special. We don’t hire employees and place them into jobs – we hire people we want to build a business with and provide a long-term career opportunity and room for growth. We also aren’t in a business of micromanaging or hand-holding – careers at Steel City Consultants are fast-paced, intensive, and demanding. What other workplace do you know interested in developing you from an entry level role into a branch management position in less than 2 years? Not many.

With such extensive advancement made available, Pittsburgh is just the beginning for Steel City Consultants. With aspirations to expand into an additional 5 markets within the next few years, we know that the only way this is possible is by providing our team with every opportunity, tool, and training possible. Every opening at Steel City Consultants is meant to be thought-provoking, challenging, and career-shaping, developing the future leaders of the marketing & sales industry.

Current Openings: