Work that makes a difference.

If asked to summarize Steel City Consultants in one adjective, we’d have to say “difference-maker.” Whether coming through for clients and making a difference in their growth targets or helping a new team member grow their career and themselves into a better version, the work that’s done at Steel City Consultants makes a profound impact.

Founded and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Steel City Consultants is an emerging marketing & sales firm in the Pennslyvania market. With a clear purpose, deep-rooted values, and a team as energetic as they come, the company has already generated new jobs, new opportunities, and new customers.

Working on behalf of industry leading clients, Steel City Consultants aids popular clientele with the telecom, cable/satellite, and entertainment fields. Acting as the connection to retail-based customers, the team is responsible for professionally representing each client through intensive training and state of the art technology/CRM software with the intentions of acquiring new customers to use their services.

The difference in our clients’ abilities to exceed market share growth trajectories is tremendous, but what is even more immense is the difference Steel City Consultants has on the professional development of its team. With a mission of developing better business leaders, ongoing development and advancement is just a brief summary of a career at Steel City Consultants!

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